Brani Terms and Conditions of Delivery

  1. General provisions: These conditions shall apply to all offers made by seller or with customers, indifferent whether they have been made orally or in writing or in writing by seller unless and to the extent that they have been expressly deviated in writing. The buyer must verify these conditions and indicate that during the ordering process they agree to these terms of sale by means of the possibility offered by the seller. Only then is the buyer bound by these terms and conditions. Seller undertakes to alert the buyer to these conditions. Terms and conditions, whatever the buyer is called, shall never bind seller unless they are expressly accepted by seller in writing.
  2. Offers, offers and contracts: The agreement for sale is made at the time of acceptance by the buyer of the offer and the fulfilment of the conditions laid down therein. If the buyer has accepted the offer by electronic means, the seller shall immediately confirm by electronic means the receipt of the acceptance of the offer. As long as the receipt of this acceptance has not been confirmed, the buyer may terminate the agreement. In the case of a difference between the customer’s order or order and the written confirmation of the seller, only this confirmation is binding. Model, specification and price changes compared to what is mentioned in seller publications or compared to samples provided by seller are expressly reserved.
  3. Prices: The prices listed in seller offers and publications always include VAT, unless otherwise stated. All total prices are subject to delivery. Delivery. VAT is always borne by the buyer.
  4. Delivery time: Seller strives to deliver the product mentioned in the purchase agreement within 6 weeks. Unless otherwise indicated. Where, for various reasons, a delay occurs in the supply of the product, longer than 2 months after the intended delivery date, the buyer shall have the right to cancel the order at no cost.
  5. Acceptance of the Goods: Delivery is made when the buyer has received the product. After delivery, a maximum term of at least seven working days may be held from the day after receipt by or on behalf of the customer. (unless otherwise agreed) During this period of sight, the buyer shall have a right to withdraw, whereby the buyer has the possibility to return the goods received without any obligation, other than for reimbursement of the direct costs of return. Restrictions or exclusions of the time limit – on the basis of the specific nature of the goods in question – will be clearly mentioned in the offer. During this period, the buyer will handle the product and packaging carefully. The customer will only unpack or use the product to that extent in so far as necessary to assess whether he wishes to retain the product. If the buyer of zqn. withdrawal law will use, the buyer will return the product with all the accessories delivered in the original packaging to the seller, in accordance with the instructions provided by the seller. – This right of withdrawal cannot be used in the following cases: In the case of tailor-made products. The right of withdrawal does not apply to tailor-made products either: If the buyer has mistaken himself in terms of measurement, assuming that seller has delivered what the buyer has ordered. If the buyer has made a mistake in colour setting, assuming that seller has delivered what the buyer has ordered. The shipping costs of return spills are at the expense of the buyer. In case of prepayment, L&L beh. Bv. refund the purchase amount to the buyer within 30 days, including the costs of transmission paid.
  6. Payment is made during the ordering process forward through iDeal, Paypal or other suitable and set programs. If the buyer does not accept the goods sent, the seller reserves the right to regard the agreement as destroyed; in this case, the amount paid shall be compensated unless the buyer uses his right to withdraw in the event of non-taking of the goods. The exception is where the buyer does not accept goods in the event of damage. Seller will provide correct delivery within a reasonable time frame and free shipping. Payment delay: If another payment period between seller and the customer is agreed in writing, payment delay: All judicial and out-of-court costs to debit the customer owe, the including legal assistance are on behalf of the buyer. The out-of-court costs are at least 15 of the invoice amount. Payments made by the buyer always primarily amount to all interest and costs due and then of claimable invoices that are open the longest, even though the customer mentions that the satisfaction relates to a later invoice. In the case of invoices of an equal date, the payment of each invoice shall be made proportionately.
  7. Reservation of ownership All items delivered by the seller shall remain the property of the seller until the customer completes his payment obligations relating to those matters, the activities to be carried out thereon, as well as in relation to the claims due to failure to comply with the agreement has been met.
  8. Raw materials Seller cannot guarantee that a piece of furniture will never show a slight variation of colour in terms of the panels and skeleton or similar material. An attempt is made to make images of the product as closely as possible in line with reality.
  9. Quality and warranty If the goods delivered are not in accordance with the agreement, the buyer must report any defects or misdelivered goods to the seller within a competent time of discovery. Seller advises the buyer to inspect the goods delivered immediately after receipt, while in doing so, to report defects within competent written to seller. Seller is in charge of fairly common quality requirements when using the seller-supplied business. Seller only states for specific quality requirements or specific quality standards of delivered items provided to the extent that these requirements or standards have been expressly agreed. To the extent that a complaint by the buyer relating to the quality requirements or quality standards in this area is justified, the seller will, at his choice, repair the delivered or replace it with another similar case. Seller shall not be liable in any way other than in the previous paragraph for damages suffered by the buyer in any form, provided that no legal provision is contrary to any monetary provision.
  10. Non-immovable deficiencies (force majeure) In cases of force majeure, the seller has not been required to compensate for the damage resulting from the buyer, except and to the extent that the seller has had an advantage as a result of the force majeure situation seller would not have had correct compliance.
  11. Disputes and applicable law It may be that the buyer is not satisfied with a product and/or service of seller. The customer must then contact seller as soon as possible, preferably by e-mail via: No later than 30 days, seller will respond to the complaint. If seller and customer do not come out together, the buyer can submit the complaint to the Disputes Committee Thuiswinkel, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP, The Hague, for a fee of € 25 (25) .